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Melissa Jaffe is the owner and principal attorney of the boutique transactional and IP firm for creative individuals and businesses. The firm guides international creative companies, start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists through tricky legal terraine with confidence and efficiency. Melissa is an artist, herself, and understands how to work closely with creative individuals using patience, grace, and regular language (not only "legal speak"). She is also a yoga teacher and regular meditator. Over two decades of dedicated personal meditation and yoga practice helps Melissa maintain focus and presence, and "keep it real" with clients. Melissa takes time to truly listen and understand her clients' vision and unique circumstances. Each attorney in the firm is selected becasue of their unique commitment to not only law, but treating individuals with compassion, presence, and exemplary service. 

The firm's approach actively engages the whole person or business, rather than the more typical myopic approach where lawyers examine only isolated issues. We have done away with hourly billing, and charge flat-fee rates for our serevices.  We recognize that hourly billing erodes the fundamental trust necessary for a truly successful attorney-client relationship. We encourage regular conversation, check-ins (even if not "just legal"), and no-cost communication.  We know that when clients are charged hourly, they can refrain from calling with a question or sharing a busienss development. We recognize that business is deeply personal, even spiritual.  This foundation allows us to effectively grow with you and your business, guiding with a full range of knowledge, awareness, and information. This approach yields tremendous success in developing long-term legal strategy, and fulfilling business and professional relationships.  

In short, we believe business and law are fun. 

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Melissa has provided legal services to such firms and private corporations as:

Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP (Washington, D.C.); Six Degrees Records (San Francisco, CA); LucasArts (San Francisco, CA); Decibel Festival (Seattle, WA); Genentech, Inc. (South San Francisco, CA); Geron Corporation (Redwood City, CA) Lapchi, LLC. (Portland, OR), KBOO (Portland, OR), and Salt,Fire,&Time (Portland, OR), as well as one of Portland's largest international sporting equipment and fashion apparel companies, headquartered in Germany. 

Melissa is certified to practice law in  California, Washington, and Oregon.

When she's not immersed in her work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her daughter and dogs, wallking in nature, and teaching or practicing yoga.

Barbell Shrugged

Decibel Festival

Genentech, Inc.

KBOO Radio



Six Degrees Records